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The ChatGPT gamechanger, easy ways to podcast and what happens if you let AI run your social media accounts. 8 media stories you need to read this week

Welcome to the first MX3 weekly roundup of all that is new, exciting and surprising in media news. This week’s edition is written by me, Ashley Norris. Here is a quick list of what has shocked, surprised and occasionally impressed me this week. Including… And loads more 1. Why haven’t they done that before moment? […]

Literally Media’s CEO, Oren Katzeff, on monetising and re-inventing legacy brands and collaborating with the creator community

It’s an issue that concentrates the minds of publishing executives across the globe. How do you take respected and loved legacy brands and keep them relevant in an age of AI, TikTok and programmatic ad markets? What are the best strategies for keeping existing readers engaged while seeking new audiences and new routes to monetisation? […]

Re-inventing the ‘Bible of Baseball’ – Rich Routman, CEO of Sporting News, on the renaissance in sports publishing 

Sporting News may be one of the oldest sports publishers in the globe, with a story that dates back as far as 1886. Yet the company, which was for many years the ‘bible of baseball’ in the US, has been consistently nimble on its feet when confronting changing market conditions. In 2023, CEO Rich Routman […]


Dan Pacheco: A toolkit for assessing and making decisions on emerging technologies

Dan Pacheco is the Peter A. Horvitz Chair of Journalism Innovation at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and author of the upcoming book, Experimenting With Emerging Media Platforms: Field Testing the Future. Speaking at FIPP World Media Congress 2023, Pacheco doubled down on the need for media companies to experiment, keep on experimenting, and then…..experiment some more. […]

Nikkei BP: “There will be a split between media companies that view AI as a partner, and those that do not”

As part of our forthcoming report on Talent and Culture, with a special emphasis on the impact of AI, Nikkei Business Publications’ Yasuo Metsugi and Yuko Tanaka explain how the successful media company of the future will be one that views AI as a colleague and partner, not a threat. Crucially, human creativity will become […]

Charlie Beckett on how editorial teams are adjusting to AI: “It’s going to be all about adding human value”

With News Corp Australia producing a mind bending 3,000 articles a week using generative AI – using just a team of four – the question now is what is the real role of editorial teams? In a wide ranging interview, the doyen of AI, Professor Charlie Beckett, tells us that media companies will soon think […]


How to create an engaging AI generated podcast (in 3 easy steps)

Globally, podcasting will be worth $23.5 Bn in 2023 and this is expected to increase at a compound growth rate of 28% over the next seven years. Eric Shanfelt of Nearview Media, a member of Mx3’s Collectif, outlines why podcasts play a key audience engagement role and, just as importantly, how publishers can use AI to create podcasts at minimal expense. […]

Affilizz launches ‘Magic Match’, allowing publishers to build affiliate revenues at scale in real time

As part of our Collectif, in which we feature the work of our partners (see more here), Affilizz has announced the launch of Magic Match, an AI affiliate marketing tool. Publishers can now dynamically identify and highlight relevant products within content and automatically deploy a range of affiliate links, buttons and price comparison tables.  Affilizz, one of […]

I’m a fifty-something Gen Zer

HBM Advisory’s Alan Hunter explains how the different generations aren’t as dissimilar as we think. Yes, we might want news delivered in different formats, but in the final analysis, there is a common thread: we all want relevance, context and authenticity. Media groups take note. My name is Alan and I’m a Gen Zer. That’s […]

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“The juice is worth the squeeze”: 17Bn reasons why affiliate marketing has come to the fore

The Alzieu brothers are two of Europe’s leading affiliate specialists. Having founded one of France’s most successful product review websites, Les Numériques, the pair have now turned their attention to helping other publishers succeed. TL;DR: There’s still plenty of affiliate money left on the table for media of all sizes.  Since its birth twenty years […]

48 UK publishers join forces to launch independent ad marketplace

The Independent Publishers Alliance, a non-profit community of independent publishers in the UK, has announced the launch of an independent ad marketplace to compete with the larger networks and tech giants. The Independent Publishers Alliance, a growing network of independent publishers founded to promote and advocate for their combined interests, has launched an independent ad […]

How do European media leaders see the future?

What are the main challenges and opportunities for the next three years, according to European consumer and B2B media leaders? Which technologies do they plan to invest most in the next three years? And how does consumer and B2B leaders’ outlook differ? We were curious about the answers to these questions, so we surveyed 56 mostly […]

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Breaking down walls: How News Revenue Hub supports community-funded journalism

I’ve sat through my fair share of publishing industry conferences, congresses, and fireside chats. The number of times I had to endure CEOs, CCOs, CTOs, in fact, any old O, lamenting the day they started to “give away content for free” is a multiple of plurals. To witness how they battle to build paywall strategies, […]

Embracing the robot overlords: Charlie Beckett on the power of being human 

It didn’t take long for the (AI) penny to drop. In a world where generative AI is beginning to march into newsrooms, it seems the silver sixpence which publishers have woken up to is the necessity of emphasising human identity and the power of human reporting. In an interview with Mx3, Beckett heralds a new […]

The quest for a news platform: Is LinkedIn the panacea after Twitter chaos and Facebook decline?

As the platform formerly known as Twitter becomes increasingly hostile for news organisations to use, journalists are looking for new spaces to share, gather and publish news. Is LinkedIn, the once uncool jobseeking site, the answer? Marketing guru Ralf Ressman warns there is no such thing as a free lunch. Not even on LinkedIn. Elon […]