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48 UK publishers join forces to launch independent ad marketplace

The Independent Publishers Alliance, a non-profit community of independent publishers in the UK, has announced the launch of an independent ad marketplace to compete with the larger networks and tech giants.

The Independent Publishers Alliance, a growing network of independent publishers founded to promote and advocate for their combined interests, has launched an independent ad marketplace.

According to two of the Co-Founders, Alex Newberry and Jon Westbrook, the new ad marketplace will allow brands and advertisers to reach every UK adult solely using the inventory of independent publishers.

Speaking to Media Makers Meet – Mx3, Westbrook says, “A key feature of independent publishers is that they have loyal communities and higher rates of engagement, empowering greater creative interaction with brand advertisers.

With the deprecation of 3rd party cookies, independent publishers have grabbed the opportunity to create a highly engaged media offering that can meet any advertiser requirements at scale.

Jon Westbrook, Co-Founder & COO Independent Publisher Alliance

Founded in 2021, the Independent Publishers Alliance has grown to become an influential voice in UK advertising with its membership of 48 publishers representing 150 online websites and 242M monthly unique users worldwide.

Independent content publishers and their interests have not been represented in the media and advertising industry to date. The Alliance offers support, advocacy and representation to ensure the independent publisher’s voice is heard.

Jon Westbrook, Co-Founder & COO Independent Publisher Alliance

Publishers interested in joining the Independent Publishers Alliance and included for consideration within the marketplace should contact For media buyers looking to understand more about the offering, please contact