We are an international media intelligence and business network.

We exist primarily for the indie creators, consumer and B2B media and information companies, and their tech and other service providers enabling them to engage well-defined communities around enthusiast and professional topics of interest.

We serve our media, media-tech and other service provider communities with news, features, interviews and analyses, in-depth research reports, events, and other community-related opportunities.

We launched in late 2021 as Di5rupt, with Cobus Heyl and John Schlaefli, experienced international media and tech executives, as the co-founders.

In April 2023, we coopted the What’s New in Publishing (WNIP) website under the editorship of Jez (Jeremy Walters) to aid our vision of creating an environment where our communities can connect and engage through us online and in person throughout the year.

In September 2023, we formally rebranded to Media Makers Meet – Mx3 to better reflect how and who we serve. That is to connect international media and tech colleagues with knowledge and one another.

We retain the Di5rupt brand for the third-party agency services part of our business, which includes services such as speaker acquisitions for media events and commercial sales services. Visit the Di5rupt page at di5ru.pt.

Our team grows and shrinks as projects demand, but the core team include:

Founders and directors:

Cobus Heyl
Co-founder and COO
Get in touch at cobus@mediamakersmeet.com

John Schlaefli
Co-founder and CCO
Get in touch at john@mediamakersmeet.com

Partnerships and commercial:

TJ Hunter
VP of Commercial and Head of Collectif
Get in touch at tj@mediamakersmeet.com

Carlotta Serantoni
Head of Publisher Partnerships
Get in touch at carlotta@mediamakersmeet.com


Jez (Jeremy) Walters
Get in touch at jez@mediamakersmeet.com or submit news at editor@mediamakersmeet.com


Andrea Cooper
Head of Marketing
Get in touch at Andrea@mediamakersmeet.com

DACH region:

Bastian Schwital
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, DACH
Get in touch at bastian@mediamakersmeet.com


Jaco van der Vyfer
Media Makers Meet – Mx3 accounts
Get in touch at accounts@mediamakersmeet.com