About Di5rupt

About Di5rupt

While we are formally changing our name from Di5rupt to Media Makers Meet (Mx3), the Di5rupt brand will not disappear completely.

Our business consists mainly of “owned” products and services such as events, newsletters, research reports and media and media-te industry website.

We also provide regular third-party agency services to FIPP, the international media association, and project-specific services to the likes of the Indian Association of Media and Deutsche Fachpresse, the German B2B network.

We will retain the Di5rupt brand as the name for our agency business.

Current services include:

  • Strategic partner sales
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Event speaker/training guest lecturer acquisition
  • Event programme development
  • Content marketing services

Media Makers Meet (mediamakersmeet.com or, for short, mx3hq.com) is now our main website for content, updates and communities. The Di5rupt website will remain live as a simple landing page setting out our services to 3rd parties.

You can visit the Di5rupt site at di5ru.pt.