All the reports highlighted below have been written to help publishers understand the key trends, events and forces shaping our industry. Free to download, the reports are full of case studies and examples of publishers not only surviving, but thriving in the current landscape.

Mx3 Leadership Report: Media For Interest-Based Communities

Rich insights on niche audiences and how to successfully engage and monetise them

How Technology Will Shape The Future of Media

Key presenters at FIPP Congress 2023 share their views on how technology – especially AI and Web 3.0 – will shape the future of Media

AI implications on Gen Z audience development

Key insights into how AI is influencing Gen Z’s media habits

MX3 Specialist Media Innovators in Europe

How specialist media businesses are reinventing business models and diversifying revenues

Key trends from FIPP World Media Congress 2023

Key insights from many of the world’s leading publishers

Innovation in news media and journalism

Innovation – what it is, barriers to implementation and examples of innovation in practice


Insights on the consequences of AI for media companies

Strategies for Navigating an Economic Downturn

Insights from several decision-makers on sustainable strategies for the future

Key Takeaways from Mx3 Berlin 2022

Opportunities and challenges B2B/Special Interest Media currently face