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Affilizz launches ‘Magic Match’, allowing publishers to build affiliate revenues at scale in real time

As part of our Collectif, in which we feature the work of our partners (see more here), Affilizz has announced the launch of Magic Match, an AI affiliate marketing tool. Publishers can now dynamically identify and highlight relevant products within content and automatically deploy a range of affiliate links, buttons and price comparison tables. 

Affilizz, one of the world’s leading affiliate marketing SaaS platforms, has announced its first foray into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the forthcoming launch of ‘Magic Match’ at next week’s PI Live event in London.

Using AI, with Magic Match the Affilizz platform can now dynamically identify and highlight relevant products and services within content produced by publishers and automatically deploy a range of affiliate links, buttons and price comparison tables.

Crucially, Magic Match can scan and generate affiliate links for back catalogues of content meaning publishers are able to generate an affiliate programme of scale immediately boosting their chances of building a robust and profitable revenue stream.

Up until now, content producers have been hindered in their ability to build strong affiliate margins due to the high level of manual involvement needed to build a programme of scale – identifying appropriate content, searching and selecting relevant products, creating pricing tables, CTAs, affiliate links, and then integrating them into content is laborious, inefficient and demands significant resources. Magic Match eradicates this problem.

In live testing in France with an unnamed publisher, Magic Match was able to populate over 300 pages of content with fully automated affiliate links within a matter of seconds. The publisher in question now has thousands of pages of content with affiliate links which were previously unpopulated, providing a potent additional revenue stream.

Florent Alzieu, Co-Managing Director of Affilizz says, “Say goodbye to static content! Magic Match can understand your content and automatically identify the most suitable and high-performing products or services from our extensive database to generate affiliate revenues for you.”

“Most importantly, it does this dynamically over time. Magic Match always proposes available products/services, monitors transactions, and adjusts recommendations based on market trends and the specifics of your audience”, added Co-Managing Director, Vincent Alzieu.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in France, Affilizz is a SaaS platform which allows global publishers to build affiliate marketing programmes of scale. It empowers publishers to easily source and promote over 300 million products and services stored in its database of aggregated merchant catalogues and to create ‘No Code’ personalised links, buttons, and price comparison tables.

With fully automated price and stock updates and real-time and detailed reporting of sales (including by individual social media channels) Affilizz is establishing a global reputation as the benchmark for media businesses with ambitious affiliate programmes. For more information on Affilizz or Magic Match, please contact

You can learn more about Affilizz in the video below: