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Publishers: AI implications on Gen Z audience development

This is an excerpt from our free-to-download report, AI implications on Gen Z Audience Development

As Gen Z matures and becomes the primary audience for news and digital content, a paradigm shift is necessary to cater to their digital-native lifestyle

Relevance of AI for Gen Z Audience Development

Artificial Intelligence is a vital tool to facilitate this shift. It has the potential to fundamentally change how Gen Z interacts with news and digital content, mainly through personalisation.

AI-driven algorithms can tailor content recommendations and curate news feeds to match individual preferences.

This data-driven personalisation serves a dual purpose:

1. Enhancing user experience
Providing relevant information and thus increasing engagement

2. Reducing information overload
A common pain point in today’s digital era

Gen Z’s Collaborative Nature and Engagement with AI

Our report has found that Gen Z’s distinguishing trait is their highly collaborative nature.

This engagement aligns well with the use of AI, which enables transparency and interaction between consumers and content providers.

This interactivity creates a new breed of engaged consumers, ensuring that Gen Z’s voices and needs influence the decision-making processes in content creation.

The Versatility and Practicality of AI Tools

Once we move beyond ethical and privacy considerations, the true potential of AI lies in its adaptability and utility. AI tools can transform universal content into various formats that Gen Z finds appealing.

The possibilities range from turning an article into an Instagram post, a Twitter tweet, or a script for a YouTube video. Our data has consistently shown that the format of content presentation is a significant influencer of Gen Z’s content preferences.

AI in Digital Publishing

The digital publishing industry has been quick to utilise AI for audience development. AI optimises generative work and provides insights into specific audience traits, allowing the creation of more tailored and targeted content for Gen Z.

Looking Ahead

As Sam Altman, CEO of OPEN-AI, stated at the MIT Conference in April 2023:

What we have today, it’s AI in its infancy and there are much more profound developments on the horizon.

Sam Altman

With this in mind, we stand on the brink of a revolution in AI and content creation. This technology, combined with a deeper understanding of Gen Z’s needs and preferences, promises to reshape how we engage with this pivotal demographic in the years to come.

This is an excerpt from our free-to-download report, AI implications on Gen Z Audience Development

With key insights into how AI is influencing Gen Z’s media habits – from content personalisation to combating information overload – the report demonstrates clearly how AI is becoming an essential tool in creating a more resonant media experience for Gen Z. 

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